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Raised in Nigeria, London based singer-songwriter Dire during a trying season in his life discovered that he had a knack for writing and singing. 

His love for music grew stronger when he heard “Jailer” a track from the 2007 debut album of a Nigerian-French artist known as Asa.  It was at this stage that he began writing about his personal experience of being homeless and the loss of his mother as a young man in unfamiliar territory 

Dire’s deeply soulful sound draws comparison to a younger Seal. His voice effortlessly jumping on octave is enhanced by a rapid vibrato reminiscent of the world renowned Nina Simone. Described as a vivid storyteller, Dire weaves evocative soundscapes navigating listeners through his life journey.

His music spans a range of genres including soul, contemporary R&B, Gospel, hip-hop Jazz and world music.

With his foundation in Gospel Dire’s first success came as a number one in this genre with the release of his second single ‘Inspiration’ of the EP ‘Nowhere Else’. He also gained much experience while supporting Grammy award winning artist Charles Jenkins and maxing out his live performance at the renowned Hard Rock Cafe in London.

2020 is the year that sees Dire ready to captivate a universal audience with his colourful life story, enchantingly conveyed through his rousing dulcet tones. His new track Overcome, the leading single from his debut album Seasons, is beautifully presented with an evocative arrangement, artfully reflecting the emotional rhythm of the narrative. The stirring backing vocals and resounding bass mirror the triumphant refrain and consolidate the sense of a defiant, yet joyful opening to a new chapter.

Overcome captures how he pushed through into hopefulness during life’s transitions and found new ways to persevere. Being thankful despite his hardships is a message that will resonate with all ages – whether you’re a teenager going through your first heartbreak or an elder who has been through it all with the scars to prove it, you survived to fight another day.

Now a husband and father of two toddlers, Dire continues to be tested with fresh challenges, which he tackles with the spirit and resolve that ‘Overcome’ so perfectly embodies. It sets the tone for what is a compelling and inspiring listening experience as we follow Dire through the turning of the 'Seasons’.




Following his breakthrough debut EP Nowhere Else, which was released in 2016 and championed by the likes of BBC Introducing, Sofar Sounds, Premier Radio, and Colourful Radio, among others. London-based British Nigerian singer and songwriter DIRE returns in 2020 after a brief hiatus to recalibrate, explore new sounds, and record his next project, with his brand-new track titled ‘OVERCOME’, serving as the lead single for his forthcoming debut album titled SEASONS. We caught up with Dire Pitan to find out more.



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